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  •  Device Type UPS / external
  •  Dimensions (WxDxH) / Weight 11.9 cm x 36.8 cm x 16.8 cm / 12.2 kg
  •  Load Rating Small workgroup server
  •  Voltage Required AC 110 V 20% ( 50/60 Hz )
  •  Voltage Provided AC 120 V 2%
  •  Battery 1 x Lead Acid proprietary
  •  Capacity / Average Run Time 11 Ah / 15.3 min
  •  Networking None
  •  System Requirements Microsoft Windows NT Server 3.51, UNIX, Microsoft Windows 3.x/95/98, Novell NetWare

Protect both the computer and the data stored on it with APC's Smart-UPS 620. This line interactive UPS corrects power sags and surges, provides instant power via battery during failures, and protects both AC and phone lines to guard against electrical damage on both lines. It is suitable for small business, departmental and desktop server power protection. The Smart-UPS 620 has a 620 volt-amp, 390 watt capacity. In addition to four AC outlets, it has data line protection for fax, modem or 100Base-TX network protection. Data lines provide another path to destruction for power surges and spikes, so protecting the incoming phone lines is an important part of the power protection puzzle. In addition to full-time surge suppression, this model provides EMI/RFI noise isolation to protect data files from contamination. The Smart-UPS 620 protects equipment against surges up to 320 Joules, and it evens out varying voltage levels with its exclusive Double SmartBoost and SmartTrim protection. The unit either boosts or trims voltage to provide regulated power to sensitive equipment. The Smart-UPS 620 features a user-replaceable, hot-swappable battery to provide instant power in brownout situations, and allow time for graceful shutdowns when the power completely fails. The CellGuard intelligent battery management circuitry monitors battery performance to maximize battery life. This model comes with PowerChute Plus software for advanced power management and diagnostics, with support for Win NT Server, Win95, Novell Netware and SCO UNIX operating systems.




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