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CA ARCserve V7 for NetWare Single Server Edition PN: ARB3107700WEN

Manufacturer: Computer Associates
PRODUCT: CA ARCserve V7 for NetWare Single Server Edition PN: ARB3107700WEN
Manufacturer PN: ARB3107700WEN
MCS Number: 196736

Interoperability and protecting data on multiple operating environments is required for a successful eBusiness enterprise. ARCserve for NetWare fully addresses the challenge of operating NetWare environments in the dynamic world of eBusiness by addressing the eBusiness demands of storage availability, scalability, interoperability, performance and management. It fully supports and protects Novell Directory Services (NDS) and backs up both the base and extended schema that are created by NDS-compliant applications to ensure complete data protection within a NetWare environment. An extensive suite of options offers additional platform support, device sharing through SANs, online backup of business applications and fast disaster recovery.

ARCserve for NetWare provides several key advantages, including:

Assured Protection Of eBusiness Assets. ARCserve for NetWare delivers advanced management tools to ensure complete protection of your businessí most critical corporate asset data. The comprehensive data protection functionality reliably secures the data using multiple data verification methods along with integrated virus scanning and curing. The ARCserve for NetWare pre-flight check also ensures the required memory, NLM versions, hardware requirements, and systems settings are all available and functioning properly. Broad Platform Support. ARCserve for NetWare extends enterprise data protection to heterogeneous environments. Client agents provide support for major platforms, including Windows 95/98, Windows NT/2000, UNIX, and Linux. High-Performance SAN Solutions. ARCserve for NetWare fully exploits leading-edge Fibre Channel technology to deliver high-performance backup and restore within SAN environments and enable device sharing between NetWare and Windows servers. SAN support offers numerous other benefits to the enterprise, including the flexibility of extended distances for storage devices and total scalability of the storage network.

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