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Asus P5A-B Pentium Super7 (Baby AT) Mainboard PN: P5A-B

  • Support 100MHz system bus
  • Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) Interface
  • Enhanced Power Management
  • Supports USB interface
  • Built-in PCI Ultra DMA33 IDE controller.
  • Support all Socket7 desktop processors (prior to Mar' 2000)
Other than having a 100MHz System bus, the ASUS P5A-B also supports AGP interface and all Socket 7 processors. The onboard Super I/O makes P5A-B possess more memory control capabilities. In addition, P5A-B supports USB interface, Ultra DMA transfer performance, ASUS's own PC Health Monitoring and optional onboard ISA audio. If you are looking for outstanding performance and stability, P5A is a can't miss choice.
P5A-B has passed Microsoft PC97 Logo (Design for Windows95, Windows98 and WindowsNT), Novell Yes Test Approved, Solaris H/W x86 Certified and NSTL Year 2000 Test Approved

ChipSet Feature

The ALi Aladdin 5 AGPset is AcerLabs's fifth generation 586 chipset. It Supports CPU bus frequency up to 100MHz for all socket 7 compatible desktop CPUs prior to Mar' 2000. PBSRAM and L2 cache controller, DRAM controller, and IO controller are also incorporated into the chipset. Memory bus interface is 64-bit wide to provide flexibility for system upgradeability.



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