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Compaq Aero 1550 Pocket PC PN: 170540-002

Manufacturer: Compaq
Product: Compaq Aero Pocket PC
PN: 170540-002

Fast 70-MHz NEC MIPS based RISC processor optimized for Windows® Powered Compaq Aero Pocket PC

Memory ROM 16 MB
Storage Memory 32 MB or 64 MB using Type I Compact Flash Cards

Interfaces Front Panel Buttons 5 buttons (1 on/off and backlight button and 4 customizable application buttons)
Side Panel Dial and Action Button 1
Side Panel QLaunch Button 1 (programmable)
Side Panel Recorder Button 1 (programmable)
Serial Port 1
CompactFlash card slot 1 Type 1
Infrared Port 1 (115 Kbps)
Speaker 1
Microphone 1
Audio Output Jack 1 (standard 3.5 mm)

Display 4 or 16 grayscale (selectable) semi-transmissive super twist neumatic (STN) liquid crystal display (LCD)

Power Supply 600 mah Li-Ion battery provides up to 14 hours of continual battery life.
Note: Battery life is based on the usage pattern of a typical user and will vary depending upon the configuration of the computer and the usage pattern of the individual.

Audio Capabilities For fun or for business, the Aero 1550 lets users play MP3 or WMA music files. With support for Audible.com content, you can also download your favorite books and listen to them while commuting or traveling. The record button on the side of the Aero 1550 allows for convenient, one-step recording of messages, using the integrated microphone. The standard audio jack lets users plug in headphones (not included) for private listening.

Ergonomic Design Features Compaq’s design and exclusive software package help make the Aero 1550 the most user-friendly Pocket PC available. Compaq’s QUtilities and QMenu help users find, switch between and close frequently used applications, and they improve overall manageability. The Dial/Action button allows you to scroll through menus or contact lists and activates selected item by depressing the dial, allowing convenient one-handed operability. Customizable application buttons let you jump right to the desired program, such as calendar, contacts, or whatever is used most. Customize the buttons to your preference or use them as game keys to play a favorite video game.


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