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Diamond Multimedia Monster 3D II Voodoo2 8MB Video Accelerator PCI Card PN: 23150109-101

OEM - 1 year MFR warranty (incl: Cable, software).

Monster 3D II
is for every PC user who wants to boost his PC with 3D graphics power for nearly all current 3D
action games. Based on the Voodoo2 chip set from 3
Dfx, it offers reference-class 3D acceleration with excellent
picture quality and highest frame rates. In supporting Direct3D™, Glide™ and MiniGL
®, the most distributed
gaming APIs, it guarantees maximum compatibility also for upcoming games and ensures long-lasting
investment for the PC system. Satisfaction is guaranteed by easy installation (add-on design) and expandability
R™ upgrade) to double your performance.


· 3Dfx Voodoo2 chipset for outstanding speed enhancements, stunning visual effects, and crisp, clear
graphical images.
· Three dedicated 3D engines on a single card, for triangle rendering and texture mapping that
dramatically improve the speed and realism of game images.
· Accelerates all Glide™ (Voodoo), Direct3D and MiniGL games for dramatic improvement in the
performance of new and existing games.
· 8 and 12MB EDO DRAM
· 4MB of frame buffer memory and...
· 4MB of texture memory for 800x600 gaming with Z-buffer!
· PCI bus 2.x compliant
· 135 MHz DAC
· Analog pass through connection to standard VGA output (DDC2 support)
· Accelerated frame rates.
· Over 60 frames per second game play with one Monster 3D II
· Over 100 frames per second game play with dual cards, using the MEGAMONSTER feature.
· Superior resolution support with Z-buffer.
· 800 x 600 game display with one Monster 3D II
· 1024 x 768 game display with dual Monster 3D II cards
· Advanced 3D Features
· Hardware Triangle Set-up, Anti-Aliasing, Alpha-Blending, MIP Mapping, Gouraud Shading, Texture
Mapping and more.
· Multiple textures per pixel allow for realistic and colorful images
· Single pass trilinear filtering for smoother, more




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