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Epson Receipt Printer PN: TM-U200

Manufacturer: Epson
Product: Refurbished Parallel or Serial Receipt Printer

  • Additional information : 3.5 LPS (at 40 columns), 6.4 LPS (at 16 columns)
  • Printer ports: Parallel or Serial.
  • Emulation and Fonts : Font: 7 x 9 / 9 x 9, Column capacity: 40 / 42 or 33 / 35, Character set:95 Alphanumeric, 32 International, 128 x 8 Graphic, Characters Per Inch: 13.3 CPI / 16 CPI
  • Copy capacity: One original and two copies
  • Printer buffer : 1KB

The TM-U200 is an ideal low cost printer for point-of-sale applications. The modular user-friendly design, graphics capability, and 3.5 lines per second print speed offer reliable high performance in a compact, lightweight design. The TM-U200 features modular interface boards that enable users to select from bi-directional parallel, RS-232C, RS-422, RS-485, ethernet and USB interfaces simply by ordering a new module. Other features include a paper end detector that automatically alerts the user when the printer is out of paper, an auto cutter and take up, and the ability to print one original plus two copies. THIS IS REFURBISHED PRINTER.



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