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HP JetDirect Card 600N PN: J3112A

J3112A: For HP EIO Token Ring 9-pin DB9 (STP) & RJ-45 (UTP)

Optimal performance for any HP EIO-based printer
Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) support for high-quality, direct-to-URL printing over the Internet/intranet
For Token Ring(IEEE 802.5)Networks, not for ethernet (IEEE 802.3)type 10Base-t Networks.
Support for HP Network Printer Installer v2.0 provides automatic discovery and installation of network printers (configurable by administrator)
Embedded web server for status and configuration using a web browser
Automatic protocol switching for simplified printing in mixed environments
2-MB flash memory future-proofs your network by allowing for future upgrades
Supports NDS, NDPS, SNMP, DHCP/WINS/DDNS, BootP and lpd
Simple installation and management via HP Web JetAdmin and HP JetAdmin network peripheral management software.




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