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  • Configuration wizards and Automatic Printer Setup for quick, easy installation
  • Support for leading management software, Network OSs, and virtually all printers
  • Control printer access using Printer Passwords
  • Industry-leading 900KBps performance (KeyLabs report, 10/98.)
  • Save money by connecting up to three printers with the 3 port model

    Product Features
  • New! Printer Access Control with Printer Passwords—Reduce toner and supply costs—especially for color and high-end printers.
  • Configuration Wizards—Saves time with quick and easy setup
  • Intel486™ Processor—Delivers performance over 900KBps
  • Broad Compatibility—Versatility in many network environments with support for:
    - Intel® Netport® Manager and HP JetAdmin* printer management software
    - All major Network Operating System
    - All major LAN protocols
    - Virtually all printers
  • Management Tools—Use the preferred management style that fits your needs (via Web, Windows* and/or SNMP)
  • Common Management Benefits
    - Windows* OS-based Management Remotely configure and manage your printers
    - Web-based Management Locate and group both printers and print servers for easy management
    - SNMP-based Management Receive printer status and proactive SNMP printer alerts
  • New! Automatic Printer Setup—Reduces visits to individual workstations through central deployment of printer drivers in direct printing model
  • Multi-packs available

    Mechanical Specifications
  • Dimensions: -1 port: 5.31 x 4.27 x 1.22in (13.48 x 10.84 x 3.09cm)
  • Weight:
    -1 port: 6oz (170.1gm)
  • Number of Ports: -1 port: 1 parallel
  • Supported protocols: -Microsoft Windows*: TCP/IP, NetBEUI, IPX
    -Novell NetWare*: IPX, TCP/IP
    -UNIX*: TCP/IP
    -Apple Macintosh*: AppleTalk*
    -OS/2* Environments: NetBEUI, TCP/IP, IPX
    -AS/400*: TCP/IP
  • NOS Support: Microsoft Windows*, UNIX*, Linux*, Macintosh*
  • LED’s/Buttons
    Front Panel: Tri-color Activity LED, Test Page Button
    Rear/Side Panels: Green LAN LED, Reset Button



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