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Pinnacle Systems TV/VCR Studio PCTV PN: 370010

Manufacturer: Pinnacle Systems
Product: TV/VCR Studio PCTV
PN: 370010

TV tuner and digital VCR PCI card for PCs

Studio PCTV You could be watching TV on your PC right now! With Studio PCTV, you can watch TV on your PC while you surf the Web. Turn your computer into a VCR--record and play your favorite TV shows just like a VCR. Studio PCTV captures footage from any video source--broadcast TV, camcorder, or video--so you can create your own summer blockbuster movies complete with Hollywood-style video effects. Then create MPEG movies or streaming video for the Web.

Watch TV on your PC monitor while surfing the Internet or working with applications.
Record and play TV shows like a VCR
Keep an eye on the local news or favorite sporting event while working
125 - channel cable ready TV tuner
PCI Bus Mastering Video Capture (Bt848)
NTSC TV-Tuner (Temic)

Now you can watch broadcast television programs on your home computer. Want to keep up with the local news or sports events while surfing the Web or working on your computer? With Studio PCTV, getting TV on your PC is easy. Now you can stay productive without missing your favorite TV programs!

Watch TV on your PC
Watch TV on your PC monitor while surfing the Internet or working on a project. Watch your favorite programs in a window or at full-screen.

Record and play your favorite TV moments
Turn your PC into a TV and VCR, record television shows on your PC to play back at anytime. Want to share special TV moments? Save digital video clips for video email to share with friends and family. Or jazz up your PowerPoint® presentations to get your message across.

Get more out of your TV shows
Intercast™ from Intel® offers a fun, easy way to get more out of television broadcasts. With Intel's Intercast technology, you can watch your favorite show and get background information all at the same time. See player statistics during a ball game, or get more detailed background information during a news broadcast. Just hyperlink to related sites and web pages based on Intercast.

Videoconference over the Internet
Studio PCTV includes Microsoft NetMeeting, so you can videoconference with your friends and family over the Internet with your PC!

Create streaming video
Need to enhance your Web site? Keep them interested by creating streaming video for the Web with RealNetworks™ RealProducer™, included with Studio PCTV.

Create MPEG movies
With Studio PCTV, you can turn your home videos into MPEG movies or other digital video files.

System Requirements:
Pentium® 133MHz or faster
Windows 95/98
Open PCI slot w/ Bus Mastering
DirectX-compatible sound & graphics card
30MB of disk space for software installation
CDROM and Mouse

Included Software:
Pinnacle Systems TV Viewer
Pinnacle Systems Studio Video Editor
Pinnacle Systems TitleDeko™ Title Creator
Sonic Desktop
Pixélan Software™
Video SpiceRack Lite™
RealNetworks™ RealProducer™
Microsoft® NetMeeting™ w/Internet Explorer™ 5.0
Intel Intercast Viewer



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