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Polaroid PhotoMAX Digital Camera PN: PDC640


Polaroid PhotoMAX PDC 640 Digital Camera makes digital photography easy and affordable while delivering outstanding image quality. With improved resolution for crisper, more professional-looking photographs. With point-and-shoot simplicity. And with all of the features normally associated with much more expensive cameras. The PDC 640's features include 1.8" LCD monitor/viewfinder, built-in flash and self timer. Storage capacity for the PDC 640 at 640x480 resolution is: 12 images in Superfine, 24 images in High Resolution and 36 images in standard resolution. In 320x240 resolution, the PDC 640 will hold 96 images. Plus, the PDC 640 Creative Kit offers everything "Cyber-shutterbugs" need to take pictures and download them to the computer.

Key Feature
640 x 480 image resolution means clearer, sharper images
1.8" LCD monitor/viewfinder enables users to view, replay or delete images
Flash offers four modes: auto, fill-in, red-eye reduction and off
Removable memory card (2MB SmartMedia card) that stores 36 images in standard resolution at 640x480 and 96 images at 320x240.
Point-and-Shoot simplicity means a couple of seconds of waiting time between shots in non-flash mode, and just under 10 seconds to recharge in flash mode.
Bright optical viewfinder 
4 image resolution modes up to 640 x 480 pixels 
24-bit color 
Fast image processing time of less than 2 seconds 
Adjustable flash mode 
Removable 2 MB 3.3V SSFDC memory storage card 
Serial cable for transferring pictures from the camera to your computer 
Video cable for viewing camera images on your television screen 
System Requirements
IBM-compatible PC: 486 or higher processor 
Windows 95 or later 
16 MB RAM 
70 MB hard disk free space 
VGA monitor with at least 256-color display 
2x CD-ROM drive 
Available RS-232C serial port



PDC640Regular price: $235.00Sale price: $90.00