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Procom 220X  DataForce DF110 NetWork CD Tower PN: DF110-FE

  • DataFORCE provides
    support for up to 255 CD-ROM discs at hard drive speeds (33MB/sec).
    DataFORCE is built on Procom Technology’s award winning CD FORCE
  • The easy to use LCD display configures the DataFORCE for your
    network and installs the CD/DVD-ROMs to the high-speed cache in
    minutes. CD-ROMs are loaded into one 5-disc CD-ROM changer
  • DataFORCE connects directly to the network cabling and provides access
    to client workstations without TSRs or proprietary software. Thus users
    can take advantage of the native networking ability of their
    operating system.

DataFORCE allows up to 100 users concurrent access to up to 10 CD titles at 50x speed across an Ethernet or Fast Ethernet network. CD titles are mirrored to enclosed hard drive and accessed at hard drive speeds. The DataFORCE Tower has 5-CD Changer, Pentium processor, management software, and Ethernet connection, and enclosed hard drive which holds titles.

DataFORCE incorporates CD-ROM acceleration technology, accelerating CD-ROM access through fast-burst reads to provide a data transfer rate of 7.95MB/sec and average seek time of 10ms. Once the DataFORCE unit is powered up, CD images are migrated to the acceleration module, which contains Procom Technology''s state of the art controller, boosting performance to hard drive speeds once the data migration is complete. This revolutionary implementation is the only CD-ROM technology which guarantees a data transfer rate of 7.95MB/sec 100 percent of the time. It also complies with all CD-ROM functionality, including media swap: detecting a media change instantly and automatically making the new data available to users.

Two leading French computer publications, Decision Micro & Reseaux and 01 Reseaux have already awarded DataFORCE with their "Editor''s Choice" Awards. The April edition of Decision Micro & Reseaux and the May edition of 01 Reseaux both cited exceptional features, performance and price as the basis for the award. DataFORCE 100 was tested against other CD-ROM servers from Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, Omni Magnetic, and NetLab. Decision Micro & Reseaux stated, "Procom’s DataFORCE shows better results using a cache memory system. This approach makes the unit two to three times faster than the other units we tested. With the five tests, only the DataFORCE obtained the maximum grade." Referring to the DataFORCE system, 01 Reseaux, said, "Procom’s strong point is its performance linked to hard drive caching. Procom had the best performance at the most reasonable price."

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