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Manufacturer: VERITAS
Manufacturer PN: SBE-NTSR-0076
MCS Number: 196771

VERITAS Backup Exec™ is one of the first storage solutions certified for both Windows NT and Windows 2000 operating systems. Backup Exec is a high performance, easy to use, flexible network backup solution that is currently protecting millions of Windows NT and Windows 2000 servers worldwide.

Built-in wizards simplify common operations, making Backup Exec a tool that is easy to use for the less technical user, yet powerful enough for the more advanced user. A unique Backup Exec Assistant streamlines startup, system configuration, job scheduling, and other routine tasks. Combined with the large array of available options and agents, Backup Exec is an industry leading backup solution that scales to support growing networks and constantly changing configurations. As Backup Exec protects mission critical data, it measurably increases the value of corporate technology investments and reduces the total cost of system ownership.

Product Highlights:

Microsoft Certified Support for Windows 2000 - Full protection of the operating system, including Active Directory, Distributed File System, NTFS' new structure and System State components. Backup to Disk - Faster backups and restores using disk media, including hard drives, NAS appliances and RAID systems as storage media. Backup via a Specified Backup Network - Reduce LAN traffic by isolating backup traffic to a subnetwork. Add-on Support for Groupware Applications - Integrate Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server, and Lotus Domino "hot backups" into daily backup routines. Add-on Support for Database Applications - Integrate online data protection and ease the recovery of corporate databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and R/3 databases. Web-based Monitoring Tool - Monitor the activities of hundreds of Backup Exec servers running Windows NT, Windows 2000 or NetWare operating systems from a single Web browser. Integrated Virus Protection - Pre-scans for viruses and cleans files, including zip files, before backup. Intuitive User Interface and Wizards - Easy to use for the less technical, yet powerful enough for the most sophisticated network user. Standard Autoloader Support Included - Maximizes backup performance and minimizes administration of single drive/unlimited slot autoloaders. Support for multi-drive libraries can be added via the Backup Exec Library Expansion Option. Performance Optimization - Increases performance and reduces network traffic/backup time using VERITAS' exclusive Remote Agent Accelerator™ technology, providing distributed processing and source compression. Support for NAS and SANs - Expand data protection with native support for most NAS devices as a client and optional device sharing over a fibre-channel network for LAN-free backup within a SAN.

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