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Click to enlargeSCM SwapBox PnP PC Card reader PN: SBI-D2P

  • Certified Plug and Play by Microsoft for easy installation and compatibility with PC Cards
  • Supports Windows and Solaris "Hot Swapping"
  • Includes mounting hardware for 3.5" and 5.25" bays
  • SCM Microsystems patented SwapFTL Flash Filing Software available for image filing and data collection using SRAM and Linear Flash cards
  • Optional boot capability available for customised applications
  • Supports a wide range of memory, I/O and mass storage PC Cards
SCM Microsytems’ SwapBox?#60;/sup> PnP PC Card readers are Windows 95/98/NT/Solaris compatible. These PC Card readers come with single/dual sockets for one Type I/II, one Type III, or two Type I/II PC Cards.
With full support for a wide range of PC Cards, the SwapBox?#60;/sup> reader is the most advanced PC Card reader available on the market. In fact SCM Microsystems’ SwapBox?#60;/sup> PC Card reader drivers are actually included in the Windows 95/98 OS.

SwapBox?#60;/sup> PC Card reader solutions are recognised and recommended for their compatibility with a wide range of PC Cards including ATA Flash, ATA Hard Drives, Linear Flash, SRAM, SCSI Controllers, Ethernet, fax/data Modems, WLAN and other digital imaging storage cards. SwapBox?#60;/sup> PC Card readers accept other PCMCIA compliant cards including adapters for memory devices such as Miniature Cards, Compact Flash, smart cards, Smart Media, and SSFDC making the SwapBox?#60;/sup> ideal for quick and easy exchange of electronic images, digital voice recordings, and text files.


With the industry wide adoption of PC99 and the elimination of ISA slots, ISA PC Card readers have become less of a solution for the desktop environment. That is why SCM Microsystems has engineered a solution that interacts with the PCI bus. Providing advanced features such as hot-swapping and full socket and card services support, SCM Microsystems PCI SwapBox?#60;/sup> will help ensure usability in future desktop environments.

In the wireless networking environment, SCM Microsystems supplies SwapBox?#60;/sup> PC Card readers as a desktop interface for Wireless LAN PC Cards. To enable the desktop solution, SCM Microsystems has developed additional software technology specifically for the Windows environments that allows use of Wireless Lan PC Cards in both mobile and desktop environments.

SCM Microsystems has extensive experience with Fortezza and other security token PC Cards. As a direct result of supplying SwapBox?#60;/sup> PC card readers to various government contractors and OEM computer system manufacturers. In the process of such a supply, SCM Microsystems has worked with virtually every compatibility issue encountered in support of such programs.

  • PC Cards supported:
    Type I, II, and III
  • Available Configurations:
    Single slot, dual slot, front/ rear slots
  • Operating System support:
    DOS, Windows 3.1x, OS/2, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, Windows NT 3.51, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Linux, Unix, Solaris
  • Bus architecture:
    ISA Cardbus (32 bit), SBus
  • Certifications:
    FCC B, CE, UL/cUL,
    Windows 95/98/NT Logo, PC99
  • Compliance:
    PC Card Standard, ExCA, Defense Messaging System (DMS)
Model Slots Access Interface
SBI-D2P 2 Front ISA



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