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Veritas Backup Exec For Windows NT V7.3  PN: SBE-NTSE-0057CQ

  • Single Server Edition
  • Supports all host adapters that supported by Windows NT
Backup Exec for Windows NT, version 7.3, Single Server Edition. *100% Microsoft Compatibility - Provides reliability and 100% data interchange with the Windows NT backup utility *Performance Optimization - Maximizes performance, minimizes network traffic/backup time using exclusive Agent Accelerator technology, distributed processsing/source compression *Advanced device and media management - maximizes backup performance with drive pooling, dynamic load balancing, drive cascading, fault-tolerant processing and media overwrite protection *Optional Intelligent Disaster Recovery - Minimizes recovery time with the only point-in-time, rapid recovery system for fast, dependable Windows NT and server and workstation recovery. It comes with Win 3.x, Win95/98, NTWS 4.0 client agents. Mac, and Unix clients are only available when purchasing the Multi-Server edition. The DOS client is downloadable for both single, and Multi-Server versions.



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