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Veritas Backup Exec Intelligent Disaster Recovery PN: SBE-NTDR-0009

Manufacturer: Veritas
Product: Backup Exec Intelligent Disaster Recovery
Detail: This is Intelligent Disaster Recovery Option for Backup Exec NT/2000 V8.0. This product can only be used in conjunction with Backup Exec NT/2000, which is sold separately. Backup Exec Intelligent Disaster Recovery Option provides the only ''point-in-time'' recovery solution, for both local and remote Windows NT/2000 systems, eliminating the need to first re-load the entire operating system. Utilizing either the diskette-based, or exclusive CD-R/ CD-RW or bootable tape (OBDR tape drives only), IDR will get you back online fast allowing you to restore from your last complete backup set - including normal (full), incremental, differential and working set backups. IDR is the only disaster recovery solution allowing users to specify new hard disk information, RAID configurations and network configuration cards. NOTE: CD-R/CD-RW and bootable drive supported only on Windows NT 4.0. Product Highlights:
  • Supports both Windows NT and Windows 2000 operating systems; providing complete network protection.
  • Bare-metal restore; bypasses the reinstallation of the OS to revive local or remote servers, using either the original system configuration or reconfiguring with new hardware.
  • Point-in-time recovery process; restores the server to the most recent full, incremental, differential or working set backup to restore your data.
  • Automated, wizard-based preparation and recovery processes; speeds server recovery and eliminates human error.
  • Diskette, CD-R/RW, bootable tape media provides flexible recovery options.
  • Store recovery files on a centralized backup server; allows system restoration of remote servers over a network.
  • Built-in wizards simplify disaster recovery preparation and recovery.

System Requirements:

  • VERITAS Backup Exec for Windows NT v7.3 (Diskettes, CD-RW, Bootable Tape)
  • VERITAS Backup Exec for Windows NT/2000 v8.0 (Windows NT 4.0: Diskettes, CD-RW, Bootable Tape) (Windows 2000: Diskettes only) Backup Exec Agent Accelerator for Windows NT/2000 for remote server protection



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